A little about me


Hello and thank you for visiting my site!   You may be expecting some kind of blurb here about my university courses studying art or illustration but that is not the case (far from it, miles from it, in fact you cant even see `it'!) ...


I haven't always worked as an artist, having spent most of my career working for the NHS.  An accident several years ago left me in chronic pain and I was off work for a long time.  I started painting basically to cheer myself up and keep myself busy when I was awake at all hours of the night!  It really helped me and, whilst I didn't realise it at the time, I believe my use of bright, cheerful colours and humour was my attempt to make myself feel more positive!

I started to notice that I was regularly meeting people who had experienced a life changing event out of their control and it had pointed them in a completely different direction from where they thought they were headed.   Some were well on their way to accepting this change and others were new to it and fighting it as I was. Every single one of these people had a lesson for me or vice versa and I started to believe that this was all planned out - that I had a different purpose - maybe everything was as it was supposed to be?  People were asking to buy my work, or paint a picture just for them, I was being told by professional artists that I should be considering doing this as a job - possibly illustrating books too.  I was a little shocked and full of self doubt!  However, I went with the flow and took a leap of faith.   I decided it was time to make something positive out of what could be construed as a bad situation.

The last few years have been the most exhausting but rewarding of my life.  I have hit many a stumbling block and have been rejected at many points along the way, however, I have been welcomed, supported and encouraged at many more points.  

So here we are ..... I'm now doing commissioned artwork for customers every week, am featured in some amazing galleries and gift shops across the North East along with well known tourist attractions such as Alnwick Garden,  Lindisfarne and I am about the start work with The National Trust.    I have been commissioned to paint some landmarks from abroad for customers and products are now on sale there.   Things in pipeline are that I am working on some book illustrations and have started doing workshops in primary schools across the region inspiring children in art.  I am a busy bee!

I would like to work in art therapy at some point in the future.  It really helped me and the positive that has come from my accident is that I now have a job I adore, I meet amazing people every single day and the feedback I get about how happy my artwork makes people is so rewarding to me.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, please take a look around the site and feel free to message me if you have any questions.  (Of course feel free to buy things too  .... I have a son to keep in school uniforms and a geriatric dog to feed!) 


Love Zoe x

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