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This year I have been approached by a number of schools who have asked whether I could visit to talk about my work and do some artwork with the children. As I have taught art and craft to children in the past, I was more than happy to do a session for them when time allows.  These have been so enjoyed by the children and teachers that I am now making time each month to offer school sessions.


Sessions can be tailored to fit in with the school's curriculum.  Some example subject ideas are: 

  • A favourite place to be or place to spend time

  • A landmark or area for geography lesson 

  • An event from history

I can adapt sessions to meet different needs or encourage children who wouldn't normally engage in art to `have a go'!




Emphasis is strongly placed upon using imagination rather than going straight in with paint and also on promoting self confidence through encouragement.  I explain that even professional artists make mistakes!  Children will learn about what its like to work as an artist and some good tips and techniques for drawing and painting.

I can bring and take away all the materials so school doesn't need to purchase them or clean palettes and paint brushes at the end of the day! 

If you are interested in exploring a booking please drop me an email and I will send you a quote.

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